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About Me

Hi I’m Cate and here’s a bit about me! I’ve always loved children and knew early on that I wanted to work with them. I started out by training as a nursery nurse and passed my NNEB qualification (NVQ level 3) in 1989. I worked as a nanny, in day nurseries and then had 2 little lovelies of my own. My first, a boy and my absolute pride and joy, quickly settled into a nice routine... except at night. As the months went on he was awake for hours and although I was a trained nanny I was out of my depth. I had many sleepless nights and many days shadowed by exhaustion. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 3 years later but my son still wasn’t sleeping through the night. Life was particularly tricky at that stage! It’s 19 years since my son was born but I’ve never forgotten what it was like trying to work out what to do to improve the nights and how desperate I was for sleep. 


Some years later I wanted to go back to work and a friend suggested becoming a night nanny. She’d been helping parents settle their babies at night for many years and very much enjoyed it. I enjoyed the work too, it was wonderfully rewarding to get parents some sleep! This lead to an interest in getting older babies to sleep well too. 

I qualified as a paediatric sleep consultant, and a few years later took a course in Gentle Sleep Training. Over the years I’ve sleep trained hundreds of little ones of different ages who've had lots of different sleep issues. 

If you'd like some help with your little ones sleep, fill in the contact me form, I look forward to bringing peaceful nights to your home very soon. 

Best wishes


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